Join us for our next live event: Embodied Awareness Through Tea



How often do we fully experience anything? A flavor, an aroma? In our increasingly busy lives, tastes, aromas and sensations can be like background noise that we half-notice but rarely really pay attention to. And our biases and judgments can color our experiences to an extent that we don’t really experience what we’re sensing. It’s easy to miss out on so much of the richness that life has to offer.

In this two-hour workshop led by Talking Tea’s Ken Cohen, we’ll be using tea as a vehicle for focusing and expanding our sensory awareness. Tea’s broad spectrum of flavors and aromas makes it a perfect vehicle for enhancing our awareness, and, prepared in the Chinese gongfu cha style, tea allows us to engage all of our senses in the tasting process.

We’ll begin with simple mindfulness and awareness practices to prepare the ground for experiencing the complexity of tea, and then Ken will guide us through tastings of four notable teas from China and Taiwan using flavor templates as aids to deepening our understanding of the tea experience.

2 PM to 4 PM, Sunday, October 14, 2018

$30 Admission. Reserve your space at

Location: Hidden River, 3901B Main Street, 2nd floor, Philadelphia, PA. Map it.

Dress code: casual and comfortable, no perfume. All teas served will contain caffeine.


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Ken Cohen is the host and producer of Talking Tea. He practices and studies meditation in the Tibetan Karma Kagyu tradition.

Photo by Dmitri Fablov, used under a CC By 2.0 license. Adapted from original.

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