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Learn one of the traditional Chinese methods of brewing tea in this interactive hands-on workshop exploring the gaiwan and the basics of  gongfu cha.

For many tea drinkers gongfu cha has become the method of choice for preparing tea. We’ll explore how this practice of bringing our full attention to the brewing process allows us to get the most flavor out of our tea, and to slow down our bodies and minds so that we can experience tea with all of our senses.

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Focusing on Taste


Today on Talking Tea we focus on the nuances of flavor, and how to fully appreciate the taste of tea by engaging all of our senses. Guiding us through this exploration of tasting is Billy Dietz, a tea development specialist based in Montreal. We chat with Billy via Skype as he shares a little of his own remarkable tea journey and then takes us through two methods of preparing a tea he selected for this episode, a Muzha Tie Kwan Yin oolong from Taiwan provided by Naivetea.
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Tea Culture/Youth Culture


This week on Talking Tea we look at the growing popularity of tea and tea culture among youth and teens. Chatting with us (via Skype) is Connor Adlam of Tching.com, the well-known blog and online forum for tea information.   Read the full show notes